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You can use this tool to arrange orders for curbside pickup of plants during coronavirus health emergency. Build your list of plants, and then use the "E-Mail My Wish List" link on the Wish List page to send your list to us electronically. One of our staff will be in touch with you shortly to convert it into an order and arrange for pickup. Please note that our plant inventory varies from day-to-day and not all plants may be available; our knowledgeable staff will recommend appropriate substitutions where they are available.


**Products are subject to availability to change.

Quantities may be adjusted down to allow availability to others.

Payment required before pickup via Credit Card.

Return Policy:

All plants must be returned in their original pots and in good condition within 7 days of purchase accompanied by a receipt. Woody Plants (Trees & Shrubs) can be returned within (7) days in the original pot and in good condition accompanied by the receipt.

Woody Plant Guarantee:

We guarantee all woody plant material (trees & shrubs) for (1) year from date of purchase. Should the plant fail to thrive due to transplant shock, we will replace the plant with the same or similar at the cost of the original plant or with a store credit. We do NOT guarantee blooms or fruit the first year. MUST be accompanied by the receipt. We reserve the right to refuse returns on plant material that has clearly been damaged through customer treatment.

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