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Deer-Resistant Gardening
Master Gardener Dorothy Dupage shares her experiences creating a truly deer-resistant garden in this month's popular 'Garden Talk' installment...

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Amelanchier canadensis 'Trazam' - Tradition Serviceberry

Amelanchier lamarckii - European Serviceberry

Artocarpus heterophyllus - Jackfruit

Asimina triloba - Common Paw Paw

Asimina triloba 'Taytoo' - Taytoo Paw Paw

Carica papaya - Papaya

Carya illinoinensis - Pecan

Carya illinoinensis 'Choctaw' - Choctaw Pecan

Carya illinoinensis 'Devore' - Devore Pecan

Carya illinoinensis 'Montgomery' - Montgomery Pecan

Carya illinoinensis 'Riverside' - Riverside Pecan

Castanea mollissima - Chinese Chestnut

Cinnamomum aromaticum - Chinese Cinnamon

Cinnamomum verum - Ceylon Cinnamon

Citrus 'Ponderosa' - Ponderosa Lemon

Citrus aurantifolia - Key Lime

Citrus aurantifolia 'Bearss Seedless' - Bearss Seedless Lime

Citrus sinensis 'Cara Cara' - Cara Cara Navel Orange

Citrus sinensis 'Sanguinelli' - Sanguinelli Blood Orange

Citrus sinensis 'Valencia' - Valencia Orange

Citrus sinensis 'Washington Navel' - Washington Navel Orange

Citrus x latifolia - Persian Lime

Crataegus arnoldiana - Arnold Hawthorn

Diospyros kaki - Japanese Persimmon

Diospyros kaki 'Fuyu' - Fuyu Japanese Persimmon

Diospyros kaki 'Hachiya' - Hachiya Japanese Persimmon

Diospyros virginiana - Common Persimmon

Eriobotrya japonica - Loquat

Eriobotrya japonica 'Coppertone' - Coppertone Loquat

Ficus carica - Common Fig

Ficus carica 'Black Jack' - Black Jack Fig

Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey' - Brown Turkey Fig

Ficus carica 'Celeste' - Celeste Fig

Ficus carica 'Chicago Hardy' - Chicago Hardy Fig

Ficus carica 'Flanders' - Flanders Fig

Ficus carica 'Kadota' - Kadota Fig

Ficus carica 'Mission' - Mission Fig

Ficus carica 'Panache' - Panache Fig

Ficus carica 'Peter's Honey' - Peter's Honey Fig

Ficus carica 'Tena' - Tena Fig

Ficus carica 'Yellow Long Neck' - Yellow Long Neck Fig

Ficus sycomorus - Sycamore Fig

Juglans cinerea - Butternut

Juglans nigra - Black Walnut

Juglans nigra 'Emma K' - Emma K Black Walnut

Juglans nigra 'Laciniata' - Cutleaf Black Walnut

Juglans nigra 'Weschcke' - Weschcke Black Walnut

Juglans regia - English Walnut

Juglans regia 'Carpathian' - Carpathian English Walnut

Juglans regia 'Hansen' - Hansen English Walnut

Juglans regia 'Lake' - Lake English Walnut

Juglans regia 'North Platte' - North Platte English Walnut

Litchi chinensis 'Kwai Mi' - Kwai Mi Lychee

Malus 'Akane' - Akane Apple

Malus 'Ambrosia' - Ambrosia Apple

Malus 'Anna' - Anna Apple

Malus 'Arkansas Black' - Arkansas Black Apple

Malus 'Baldwin' - Baldwin Apple

Malus 'Battleford' - Battleford Apple

Malus 'Beacon' - Beacon Apple

Malus 'Belle de Boskoop' - Belle de Boskoop Apple

Malus 'Braeburn' - Braeburn Apple

Malus 'Cameo' - Cameo Apple

Malus 'Carlos Queen' - Carlos Queen Apple

Malus 'Centennial' - Centennial Apple

Malus 'Chehalis' - Chehalis Apple

Malus 'Chestnut' - Chestnut Crab Apple

Malus 'Collett' - Collett Apple

Malus 'Connell Red' - Connell Red Apple

Malus 'Cortland' - Cortland Apple

Malus 'Cox's Orange Pippin' - Cox's Orange Pippin Apple

Malus 'Creston' - Creston Apple

Malus 'Crimson Crisp' - Crimson Crisp Apple

Malus 'Dayton' - Dayton Apple

Malus 'Dexter Jackson' - Dexter Jackson Dwarf Apple

Malus 'Dolgo' - Dolgo Apple

Malus 'Elstar' - Elstar Apple

Malus 'Empire' - Empire Apple

Malus 'Fall Red' - Fall Red Apple

Malus 'Fireside' - Fireside Apple

Malus 'First Kiss' - First Kiss Apple

Malus 'Freedom' - Freedom Apple

Malus 'Fuji' - Fuji Apple

Malus 'Gala' - Gala Apple

Malus 'Gemini' - Gemini Apple

Malus 'Golden Delicious' - Golden Delicious Apple

Malus 'Golden Russet' - Golden Russet Apple

Malus 'Golden Sentinel' - Golden Sentinel™ Columnar Apple

Malus 'Goldrush' - Goldrush Apple

Malus 'Goodland' - Goodland Apple

Malus 'Gordon' - Gordon Apple

Malus 'Granny Smith' - Granny Smith Apple

Malus 'Gravenstein' - Gravenstein Apple

Malus 'Hampshire Mac' - Hampshire™ Mac Apple

Malus 'Haralred' - Haralred Apple

Malus 'Haralson' - Haralson Apple

Malus 'Hardi-Mac' - Hardi-Mac Apple

Malus 'Hazen' - Hazen Apple

Malus 'Heyer #12' - Heyer #12 Apple

Malus 'Honeycrisp' - Honeycrisp Apple

Malus 'Honeygold' - Honeygold Apple

Malus 'Idared' - Idared Apple

Malus 'Jefsey' - Odyssey Apple

Malus 'Jonagold' - Jonagold Apple

Malus 'Jonathan' - Jonathan Apple

Malus 'Keepsake' - Keepsake Apple

Malus 'Kerr' - Kerr Apple-Crab

Malus 'KinderKrisp' - KinderKrisp Apple

Malus 'Liberty' - Liberty Apple

Malus 'Lodi' - Lodi Apple

Malus 'Macintosh' - Macintosh Apple

Malus 'Macoun' - Macoun Apple

Malus 'MAIA-1' - Evercrisp Apple

Malus 'Melba' - Melba Apple

Malus 'Melrose' - Melrose Apple

Malus 'Millstream' - Millstream Apple

Malus 'Minneiska' - SweeTango® Apple

Malus 'MN 447' - Frostbite™ Apple

Malus 'Monark' - Monark Apple

Malus 'Mutsu' - Mutsu Apple

Malus 'Newton Wonder' - Newton Wonder Apple

Malus 'Norkent' - Norkent Apple

Malus 'Norland' - Norland Apple

Malus 'Northern Spy' - Northern Spy Apple

Malus 'Northwest Greening' - Northwest Greening Apple

Malus 'Parkland' - Parkland Apple

Malus 'Pink Lady' - Pink Lady Apple

Malus 'Pinova' - Pinova Apple

Malus 'Prairie Magic' - Prairie Magic Apple

Malus 'Prairie Spy' - Prairie Spy Apple

Malus 'Prairie Sun' - Prairie Sun Apple

Malus 'Prima' - Prima Apple

Malus 'Queen Cox' - Queen Cox Apple

Malus 'Rambo' - Johnny Appleseed Apple

Malus 'Rave' - Rave Apple

Malus 'Red Chief' - Red Chief Apple

Malus 'Red Delicious' - Red Delicious Apple

Malus 'Red Duchess' - Red Duchess Apple

Malus 'Red Regent' - Red Regent Apple

Malus 'Red Sparkle' - Red Sparkle Apple

Malus 'Rescue' - Rescue Apple-Crab

Malus 'Royal Gala' - Royal Gala Apple

Malus 'Scarlet Pippin' - Scarlet Pippin Apple

Malus 'September Ruby' - September Ruby Apple

Malus 'Shafer' - Shafer Applecrab

Malus 'Spartan' - Spartan Apple

Malus 'Spitzenburg' - Spitzenburg Apple

Malus 'State Fair' - State Fair Apple

Malus 'Summerland' - Summerland Apple

Malus 'Sweet Sixteen' - Sweet Sixteen Apple

Malus 'Topaz' - Topaz Apple

Malus 'Tuscan' - Colonnade Bolero Apple

Malus 'Van Linn' - La Crescent Apple

Malus 'Wealthy' - Wealthy Apple

Malus 'Whitney' - Whitney Flowering Crab

Malus 'Wildung' - SnowSweet® Apple

Malus 'William's Pride' - William's Pride Apple

Malus 'Winesap' - Winesap Apple

Malus 'Winter Cheeks' - Winter Cheeks Apple

Malus 'Wolf River' - Wolf River Apple

Malus 'Yellow Transparent' - Yellow Transparent Apple

Malus 'Zestar' - Zestar Apple

Malus baccata - Siberian Crab Apple

Malus baccata 'Jackii' - Jackii Siberian Crab Apple

Malus pumila 'Niedzwetzkyana' - Niedzwetzkyana Flowering Crab

Mespilus germanica - Medlar

Olea europaea - Common Olive

Olea europaea 'Arbequina' - Arbequina European Olive

Persea americana 'Joey' - Joey Avocado

Prunus 'Alderman' - Alderman Plum

Prunus 'Bali' - Bali Cherry

Prunus 'Bluefre' - Bluefre Plum

Prunus 'Brookred' - Brookred Plum

Prunus 'Burbank' - Burbank Plum

Prunus 'Burgundy' - Burgundy Plum

Prunus 'Carmine Jewel (tree form)' - Carmine Jewel Cherry (tree form)

Prunus 'Crimson Passion (tree form)' - Crimson Passion Cherry (tree form)

Prunus 'Cupid (tree form)' - Cupid Cherry (tree form)

Prunus 'Damson' - Damson Plum

Prunus 'Earliblue' - Earliblue Plum

Prunus 'English Morello' - English Morello Cherry

Prunus 'Evans' - Evans Cherry

Prunus 'Friar' - Friar Plum

Prunus 'Greengage' - Greengage Plum

Prunus 'Grenville' - Grenville Plum

Prunus 'Jefchum' - Mustang Plum-Apricot

Prunus 'Juliet (tree form)' - Juliet Cherry (tree form)

Prunus 'Lydecker' - BlackIce Cherry-Plum

Prunus 'Mariposa' - Mariposa Plum

Prunus 'Montmorency' - Montmorency Cherry

Prunus 'Moongold' - Moongold Apricot

Prunus 'Mount Royal' - Mount Royal Plum

Prunus 'Northstar' - Northstar Cherry

Prunus 'Ozark Premier' - Ozark Premier Plum

Prunus 'Pembina' - Pembina Plum

Prunus 'Pipestone' - Pipestone Plum

Prunus 'President' - President Plum

Prunus 'Purple Pride' - Purple Pride Plum

Prunus 'Romeo (tree form)' - Romeo Cherry (tree form)

Prunus 'Santa Rosa' - Santa Rosa Plum

Prunus 'Satsuma' - Satsuma Plum

Prunus 'Satsuma (dwarf)' - Satsuma Plum (dwarf)

Prunus 'Shiro' - Shiro Plum

Prunus 'Spicezee' - Spicezee Nectaplum

Prunus 'Stanley' - Stanley Plum

Prunus 'Sungold' - Sungold Apricot

Prunus 'Superior' - Superior Plum

Prunus 'Tecumseh' - Tecumseh Plum

Prunus 'Toka' - Toka Plum

Prunus 'Underwood' - Underwood Plum

Prunus 'Valentine (tree form)' - Valentine Cherry (tree form)

Prunus 'Valor' - Valor Plum

Prunus 'Vanier' - Vanier Plum

Prunus 'Verity' - Verity Plum

Prunus 'Waneta' - Waneta Plum

Prunus americana - American Plum

Prunus armeniaca 'Chinese' - Chinese Apricot

Prunus armeniaca 'Goldcot' - Goldcot Apricot

Prunus armeniaca 'Harcot' - Harcot Apricot

Prunus armeniaca 'Harlayne' - Harlayne Apricot

Prunus armeniaca 'Tilton (dwarf)' - Tilton Apricot (dwarf)

Prunus avium - Sweet Cherry

Prunus avium 'Bing' - Bing Cherry

Prunus avium 'Hedelfingen' - Hedelfingen Cherry

Prunus avium 'Napoleon' - Napoleon Cherry

Prunus avium 'Rainier' - Rainier Cherry

Prunus avium 'Royal Lee' - Royal Lee Cherry

Prunus avium 'Sam' - Sam Cherry

Prunus avium 'Stella' - Stella Cherry

Prunus avium 'Van' - Van Cherry

Prunus domestica 'Italian Prune' - Italian Prune Plum

Prunus mandshurica 'M604' - M604 Apricot

Prunus mandshurica 'Scout' - Scout Apricot

Prunus mandshurica 'Westcot' - Westcot Apricot

Prunus nigra - Canada Plum

Prunus nigra 'Bounty' - Bounty Plum

Prunus nigra 'Norther' - Norther Plum

Prunus persica - Common Peach

Prunus persica 'Babcock' - Babcock Peach

Prunus persica 'Baby Gold' - Baby Gold Peach

Prunus persica 'Belle Of Georgia' - Belle Of Georgia Peach

Prunus persica 'Contender' - Contender Peach

Prunus persica 'Cresthaven' - Cresthaven Peach

Prunus persica 'Dixieland' - Dixieland Peach

Prunus persica 'Elberta' - Elberta Peach

Prunus persica 'Fantasia' - Fantasia Nectarine

Prunus persica 'Fantasia (dwarf)' - Fantasia Nectarine (dwarf)

Prunus persica 'Fastigiata' - Columnar Peach

Prunus persica 'Frost' - Frost Peach

Prunus persica 'Golden Sun' - Golden Sun Peach

Prunus persica 'Hale Haven' - Hale Haven Peach

Prunus persica 'Hardired' - Hardired Peach

Prunus persica 'Indian Free' - Indian Free Peach

Prunus persica 'June Gold' - June Gold Peach

Prunus persica 'Mericrest' - Mericrest Nectarine

Prunus persica 'Muir' - Muir Peach

Prunus persica 'Nucipersica' - Flavortop Nectarine

Prunus persica 'Q-1-8 White' - Q-1-8 White Peach

Prunus persica 'Red Gold' - Red Gold Nectarine

Prunus persica 'Redhaven' - Redhaven Peach

Prunus persica 'Redskin' - Redskin Peach

Prunus persica 'Reliance' - Reliance Peach

Prunus persica 'Rio Oso Gem' - Rio Oso Gem Peach

Prunus persica 'Suncrest' - Suncrest Peach

Prunus persica 'Sunglo (dwarf)' - Sunglo Nectarine (dwarf)

Prunus persica 'Sweet Cap' - Sweet Cap™ Peach

Prunus persica 'White Lady' - White Lady Peach

Prunus serotina - Black Cherry

Prunus virginiana - Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana 'Bailey Select' - Bailey's Select Schubert Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red' - Canada Red Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana 'Midnight Schubert' - Midnight Schubert Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana 'Schubert' - Schubert Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana 'Spur' - Spur Shubert Chokecherry

Pseudocydonia sinensis - Chinese Quince

Pyrus 'Gourmet' - Gourmet Pear

Pyrus 'Kieffer' - Kieffer Pear

Pyrus 'Parker' - Parker Pear

Pyrus 'Patten' - Patten Pear

Pyrus 'Summercrisp' - Summercrisp Pear

Pyrus communis 'Anjou' - Anjou Pear

Pyrus communis 'Aurora' - Aurora Pear

Pyrus communis 'Bartlett' - Bartlett Pear

Pyrus communis 'Bosc' - Bosc Pear

Pyrus communis 'Brandy' - Brandy Pear

Pyrus communis 'Clapp's Favorite' - Clapp's Favorite Pear

Pyrus communis 'Conference' - Conference Pear

Pyrus communis 'Highland' - Highland Pear

Pyrus communis 'Luscious' - Luscious Pear

Pyrus communis 'Magness' - Magness Pear

Pyrus communis 'Max Red Bartlett' - Max Red Bartlett Pear

Pyrus communis 'Maxine' - Maxine Pear

Pyrus communis 'Monterrey' - Monterrey Pear

Pyrus communis 'Moonglow' - Moonglow Pear

Pyrus communis 'Red Morettini' - Red Morettini Pear

Pyrus communis 'Seckel' - Seckel Pear

Pyrus communis 'Sierra' - Sierra Pear

Pyrus communis 'Taynton Squash' - Taynton Squash Pear

Pyrus communis 'Thorn' - Thorn Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Atago' - Atago Asian Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Chojuro' - Chojuro Asian Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Hosui' - Hosui Asian Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Korean Giant' - Korean Giant Asian Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Nijisseiki' - 20th Century Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Shinko' - Shinko Asian Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Shinseiki' - Shinseiki Asian Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Yoinashi' - Yoinashi Asian Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis 'Early Gold' - Early Gold Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis 'Golden Spice' - Golden Spice Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis 'Ure' - Ure Pear

Ziziphus jujuba - Jujube